When Polly Met Fleming: Part 4

Image of Polly and Fleming
Polly and Fleming

In Part Three, Polly disarmed a Royal Marine by stunning him with her lipstick Taser. She demands to be released on a small boat stocked with provisions.


“Calm down, Polly,” Fleming said. “Don’t do anything foolish.” Judging by the the way she held the Sten gun, she looked capable of using it.

“I won’t, as long as you cooperate.”  Polly replied, eyebrows raised, finger resting on the trigger guard.

I need more time, Fleming thought. Have to stall for time. Maybe if we let her go she might lead us to her handlers. “You know, this request is going to take some time.”

“Then you should get started on it right away,” Polly said.

“A suitable craft needs to be located. It needs to be fueled and stocked with provisions—”

“I get it,” Polly cut him off.  “Make the call,” she glanced toward the lower section of the desk. “Make sure it’s just a telephone in your hand when you bring it out of that drawer.”

Fleming spoke into the handset: “Fleming here. We have a bit of an emergency. I’ll need a craft, fully fueled and loaded with a month’s supply of food and water. And I need it immediately.”


“It will be ready in 45 minutes.”

“Good, now we’re getting somewhere.

Ten minutes passed. The marine laying on the floor stirred. Poly was about to administer another jolt from the lipstick tube when the radio telephone buzzed.

Fleming picked it up. “It seems like our spotter planes have sighted a German U–boat running on the surface twenty miles from this position. A destroyer has been dispatched.”


“it may not be prudent to on the water at this time.”

“Why would they be interested in a small craft?” Polly asked.

“Who knows, maybe they want to get some target practice in with their deck guns. Are you willing to take that risk?”

“What other options do I have?” Polly shrugged. “Oh, by the way, can I have my smartphone back?”

Fleming looked puzzled. “Are you talking about this component?” He asked, holding a thin, rectangular device.

“Yes, my Electra 2,000.”

“What is that, some type of transmitter?”

“It’s a telephone. You can send text messages or make video calls. You can browse the Internet—”

“The Internet?” Fleming questioned.

“Right, you know the worldwide network of interconnected computers.” Polly saw the puzzled expression on Fleming’s face, “It’s a bit technical.”

“No doubt.”

” Well any way, you can watch movies, listen to music, read books. It has a GPS—”

“What exactly is a GPS?”

“Global Positioning System. It can track your location by a satellite in a Geostationary orbit above the earth.”

“And that works on your telephone?”

“Well, it works at home,” Polly nodded.

“Oh, where is home?” Fleming inquired,

“London,” Polly answered.

As Polly held the device in the palm of her right hand, the object embedded under the skin of her forearm branched out in tiny slivers. The slivers ran up into the base of her palm. Sparks burned holes through her flesh and connected with the device’s auxiliary charger.

Polly’s Home screen activated, displaying all the applications. “What’s this shit!” She exclaimed.

“What seems to be the problem?” Fleming asked, looking at the steady stream of blue sparks coursing from Polly’s wrist into the device.

“I don’t know. It looks like my phone’s working, for fuck’s sake.” Fleming blushed at Polly’s colorful language.

“What are you going to do?”

“I think I’ll call my little sister, she’s probably worried about me.” Polly tapped open her address book application then tapped the icon for her younger sister. She put the device on speaker.

“Polly? Is everything all right” A young girl asked.

“I missed you so much, Bridgette. I’ve never been so glad to hear your voice.”

“What, are you high? You just left ten minutes ago.”

“Holy shit.”

“What’s up?”

“I’ll explain later. Listen Bridge, I’m going to put you on visual. Put me up too,”


A holographic image of Polly’s sister projected from the screen of Polly’s device. Fleming walked over. He reached out, putting his hand through the projection. He stepped back.

“I’m not even going to ask.” Fleming declared, throwing his hands in the air.

“Look around Bridge,” Polly told her sister.

“It looks like an extremely accurate replica of a Maunsell type sea fort from World War Two.”

“It’s no replica.”

“Bullshit, Poll.”

“Listen, I don’t have time for explanations. You’ve got too believe me,” Polly pleaded.

“I’m listening.”

“Somehow I’ve managed to go back to the year 1943.”

Bridgette scanned the room for artifacts around the room. “Either this is the most elaborate joke I’ve ever seen or you’re really somewhere in the last century,” she said. The data retrieved from the initial scan streamed into her display.

“Can you pick up my location on your mapping application?” Polly asked.

“No prob. I’ll home in your device signal.”

A few minutes passed. “Anything yet?” Polly asked.

“It’s at 30% right now. Moving slowly,” Bridgette answered. “Okay here it goes. Reaching 100% right now.”

“Good. Can you connect the map data to the phone output and project it to us on this side.”

“Should be coming across in about five seconds.”

A top down view of England and Northern Europe appeared on the floor. The contours of the green English countryside were clearly visible.

“Zoom to my coords?”

As the projection magnified,  undulating whitecaps on the surface of the North Sea came into focus. Fleming stared in amazement. When the fort came into view he checked the image against an orthographic blueprint of the fort. “What else can it do?”  He asked.

“Bridge, have you been tinkering with the app lately?”


“Can it look underwater?” Fleming asked.

“Yes. I just adapted a sonar camera that has the capability of concerting infrared images into high resolution video.”

“If I gave you a set of coordinates would you be able to display the image on the floor?”

“Can do,” Bridgette replied.

The view projected on the floor changed. “It looks like we’ve got two objects underwater. The larger one is stationary and the smaller one appears to be on a course for the fort.”

“Can you enhance the image of the larger one?” Fleming asked, “providing Polly agrees, “he added.

“Sure, have at it Bridge.” Polly replied.

“Good lord, that’s a German U–boat,” Fleming said as Bridgette rotated the around the image of the submarine. “And you have it’s exact location?”

The submarine’s coordinates flashed above the image. “Polly,” Fleming said, “I’m reaching into the drawer.” He held the receiver in his hand then said, “Admiral, Commander Fleming here. I have some valuable intelligence to report.” After giving the coordinates of the German submarine to the Admiral Fleming set the phone on the base.