D-Day at Dania Beach: Steps 1 and 2


This photograph was taken in June. In March, during the nor’easter that affected the entire eastern seaboard, I was walking on the beach and saw the same sailboat. I didn’t have my smartphone with me that day in early March. The boat sat about 20 yards further inland with the bow turned 90° counterclockwise.

At the time this image was shot Dania Beach was in the middle of a dune renovation project. The heavy equipment running up and down the sand and this wreck made me think of the allied invasion of Normandy.

I decided to build a composite image and document the steps in a blog series.

Step 1:


Unwanted detail painted out with Clone tool.

Step 2:


Initial color drain from background plate using archive photograph as reference.


  • Black and White Adjustment Layer  (Remove color.)
  • Curves Adjustment Layer (Set shadows, highlights, and midtones.)
  • Noise Filter (Add grain.)
  • Gaussian Blur Filter (Soften overall image.)
  • Median Blur Filter (Soften edge detail.)