The Manufactory War

Wind Riders

At the outbreak of the first modern war, Elidh Fairburn is chosen for a top-secret program in the British Air Force.

Jim Hume: Range Detective


The Case of the Concocted Criminal

Jim Hume travels to South Africa to investigate a series of mysterious diamond mine robberies.


The Case of the Comanche Werewolf

Jim Hume investigates a grisly double murder and becomes involved in an international supernatural manhunt.

The Case of the Barbary Coast Pirate

Jim Hume goes undercover to bring three master criminals to justice.

The Case of the Big Horn Conspiracy

Jim Hume investigates the Battle of the Little Big Horn.

Druid’s Path


Druid’s Descendants

Takes place thousands of years after the Tulano have reemerged to populate the earth.

Druid’s Children

Takes place after the death of the Druid and chronicles the founding of Tulan.

Origin of Druid

Follows the early life of the Druid.


A Druid joins forces with a rebel tribe in ancient Britain.