Hangin’ or Bangin’

Image of Industrial Machine

Battle of the Kneecaps

About two months ago I was diagnosed with Chondrocalcinosis. A condition of calcium deposits usually restricted to joints and usually occurring, although not restricted to, older advanced primates.

I rejected the offer for steroid injections requiring the use of imaging equipment: the doctor needed a visual reference for probing with a long needle. No thanks.

After purchasing a pair of inexpensive knee braces from a local pharmaceutical supply chain, I walked an average of three miles every day. Thirty to 45 minutes of icepacks on both knees helped to ease the pain reverberating from my knees to the soles of my feet.

Now, the pain is minimal.

Motion Picture Motivation

I work for a college. Right now I’m on Christmas break. My wife and I will be visiting relatives in the northern part of the state at the end of the week.

I’m working on my 17th ePub story. I wanted to have the first draft ready for editing by the time we hit the road. The plan was to finish the story, do the first proof read, and insert inline comments.

Two days ago, the work described in the previous paragraph was incomplete.

My wife suggested we watch a movie after lunch. I wasn’t interested in watching Love Actually, but when she said Edge of Darkness, I said okay.

Edge of Darkness is a modern film noir rollercoaster ride. It has a good plot, plenty of action, and compelling characters.

There is a scene in the movie that seem to hit a nerve. Tom Craven, a Boston detective, is questioning the leader of an eco-terrorist organization. After a well aimed kidney punch, Craven says, “You have to decide if your’e hangin’ on the cross or bangin’ in the nails.”

This statement could be interpreted in different ways. I applied it to my situation and reached my goal. Hanging equals inactivity, banging equals activity.