Validating and Converting the ePub: Part 2

Image of Industrial Machine


Second of a two part series about compiling, validating, and converting ePubs to .mobi format for Kindle Readers.

The next section of the workflow deals with a three step validation procedure and a file conversion.  All screenshots and explanations are in Mac environment.

Step 1:

Image of Sigil Interface

Open the .epub file in an ePub editor. Sigil is used in this example.

Step 1:

Image of Validation Icon

From the Tools Menu, choose Validate EPUB With Flight Crew, or, select the check mark icon on the toolbar.

Image of Validation Window

If the .epub file is well formed this message will appear in results window.

Step 3:


n the Finder, to Go->Utilities, then find the Terminal application (or do a Spotlight search for “Terminal”) and start it.
In the new Terminal window (the “prompt”), type java -jar (note trailing space after “-jar”).
Drag the epubcheck .jar file from the unzipped folder in the Finder into the Terminal window (the location of the file [“path”] should be copied).
Type another space in the terminal window after the .jar filename.
Similarly, drag the EPUB file from wherever in the Finder into the Terminal window (it’s path should also be copied).
Press Return.
Note the results in the Terminal window (No errors or warnings detected means it passed).


Step 4:

Image of Terminal

This step requires KindleGen, a free conversion tool from Amazon. Once the app is installed, open a Terminal window and drag the KindleGen app to it.

Image of Terminal

Drag the .epub file to the Terminal window

Image of Terminal

Press the Enter key. If no problems are detected by the Kindle Generator a  message confirming successful conversation will appear.



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