Compiling to the ePub Format in Scrivener: Part 1

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First of a two part series about compiling, validating, and converting ePubs.

Scrivener is a powerful writing tool with a myriad of features. The compile to ebook feature is a quick and easy method for producing publishable content. All screenshots and explanations in Mac environment.

Step 1: Prepare the Manuscript

Image of Draft PreparationThe sample manuscript in the Draft folder has been prepared for publication. It contains a Title Page, Contents folder, chapters, and an Author Page. This is a standard layout for the .epub format.

The Kindle Reader interface has buttons for an .html contents file as well as a  button button for the navigation control file required in a valid ePub.

Step 2: Prepare the Contents Folder

Image of Chapter SelectionTo build the Contents folder, select all the chapter files. From the Edit Menu choose Copy Special and from the fly out menu choose Copy Documents as Scrivener Links. Select the Contents folder. Make sure the Group Mode is set to text file.  Select the Contents folder and activate the text file in the edit window. Right–click on the text file and choose Paste. Format if needed.


Step 3: Compiling the Draft:

Image of Contents Compile Window

Choose Compile from the File Menu or select the Compile Icon on the toolbar to activate the Compile Dialog Box. Make sure ePub is selected as Compile For. By the default the Contents icon will be selected. Choose the Draft folder. Check all documents to be included. Leave Page Break Before unchecked for Title  Page. Check Page Break Before for pages following Title Page.

Image of Cover Compiling

Select the Cover option. Locate image from the project files under Cover image option.

Image of Layout Compiling

Select the Layout option. Under Table of Contents check all headings and name HTML Table of Contents.

Image of HTML Settings CompilingSelect the HTML Settings option. Check both options under the Links Heading. Choose the Compile button.

Image of Compiled File Output

Name the file and save it to the appropriate folder.


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