Prador Fever

Enhanced scorpion
Concept of Prador child soldier as scorpion.


During the course of a high fever, I experienced some weird hallucinations based on a series of science fiction novels I’d been reading

The Books

About one month ago, I’d completed the first draft of my first novel. It’s still rough and is in further need of rewriting and editing.  I’ve decided to finish and publish two short stories before resuming work on the novel.

I noticed something else that is causing a further delay: the concepts and ideas for my novel seem to come straight out of books written by Neal Asher.

I began reading the first installment ( Gridlinked ) in the Agent Cormac series after reading a favorable review. I found the book to be compelling and repulsive at the same time. The thing that hit me the hardest was the fact that the concepts and ideas expressed in the book were remarkably similar to the tone and feel I was hoping to achieve in my book.

Well, now I’m hopelessly hooked on the entire Asher collection. The books have plenty of action and interesting characters. By reading and absorbing Asher’s works, perhaps I’ll be influenced and not appear to have lifted directly from the source.

The Fever

One night I came home from work feeling a bit queasy. I figured I was just tired and I’d be better after a good night’s sleep. After eating dinner I took a shower and went to bed.

I woke around 11:00 pm with a temple–pounding headache. In another hour I was trapped in a high fever accompanied by cold chills.

As I lay there sweating and shaking, my mind couldn’t stop running over ( Prador Moon ) the book I’d been reading. This was the first story about a war between the united forces of Earth against the Pradorian empire.

The Prador, a crab–like alien species are divided  into three unique groups: adults, adolescents and children. The male adults control millions of children and thousands of adolescent offspring through advanced thought control techniques.

The Prador political structure resembles a ruthless medieval kingdom: ascension to power is gained by torture and murder.

While I struggled with the fever, I imagined myself in a Prador laboratory. I was being prepared for the coring process. Sections of my cerebral cortex were going to be removed and replaced by a device known as a thrall. Once a thrall was surgically implanted the recipient became a blank—a mindless creature enslaved to the Prador adults through pheromone secretions.

I went through the process dozens of times until the fever subsided and I fell asleep.

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