Lately, it seems as though the only time I contribute to the blog is following an extremely vivid dream. For some unknown reason I’m compelled to record the details of the dream. Perhaps I want to keep the weird events fresh in my mind.

The Dream

I enter a house. I’m on crutches. An oval shaped object stands in the middle of the only room in the house. As I step closer, I realize that the object is a strange type of dishwasher. For some reason I know that the dishwasher needs to be unloaded.  Four steps lead to the top of the unit and that’s where the device that opens the unit is located.

When I open the unit, I hear a growl and a shadowy figure runs out of the bottom of the unit. It runs across the floor, stops at the wall, and clambers up a curtain. Its claws dig into the fabric and it is momentarily suspended at the top of the curtain.

At this point I get a good look at the animal: it has the head and legs of a black panther and the back and tail of an armadillo. The animal begins to slide down the curtain; its claws tearing the fabric to shreds as it tumbles to the floor.

I step off the dishwasher unit, pick up a crutch, and hold it by the narrow end. The animal charges. I aim the crutch at its head. At this point in the dream the floor has turned to ice beneath my feet. I maneuver the charging animal around the room, rubber end of the crutch planted firmly in its neck.

I do a 360 degree spin on the ice, slamming the animal into a wall. I notice a door and force the animal toward it. I reach out and open the door just as the the snarling animal claws its way toward me.


Perhaps the strange dream was motivated by a time lapse video I watched. An artist would draw sketches of strange creatures generated from Seventh Sanctum, a creature generating web site.

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