The Martian marlin hunt



The following article attempts to document the second in a series of extremely vivid dreams.

The overall ambience of the dreams seem to be inspired by my recent reading of some of the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs (The Land that Time Forgot, The People that Time Forgot, At the Earth’s Core, Pellucidar,  A Princess of Mars, and The Gods of Mars).

The dream

I’m in a power boat cruising down a wide channel; huge rocks, piled on the sides of the channel, reach into the low flying clouds. I see another boat ahead. A lone figure stands at the stern. As I get nearer I see it is a green skinned man holding a long pitchfork. The man swings the handle and the shaft rotates until it becomes an elliptical blur. He releases the pitchfork. It climbs high, pauses, falls forward and enters the water. A huge billfish breaks the surface; the tines of the pitchfork embedded in its head and eyes. The fish leaps clear of water and covers 50 feet on each jump. The green skinned man throws a lasso around the handle of the pitchfork as the fish passes. He is pulled out of the boat and into the water. The green man pulls himself forward on the rope, a long, curved knife clenched between his teeth. The dream ends at this point.


The dream seemed to capture the violence and wild imagination present in the writings of Edgar Rice Burroughs. I’d made a conscious decision to use his action/adventure stye as a source in my own work in progress.

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