Indie Publishing and Flag Fishing

Image Cast Net in Bucket


This blog attempts to compare independent publishing to the eBook platform with fishing for the elusive Yellowtail Snapper.


The anchor sets and the boat gradually turns into the wind. A big yellow moon is on the rise and a gentle breeze blows. A net bag is filled with a block of frozen fish guts, tied to a cleat on the stern and lowered into the water.

Within minutes scores of bait fish crowd around the chum bag. A cast net is hurled into the air and flattens out just as it hits the water. The net is hauled in and a dozen bait fish are picked out of the webbing. Four of the bait fish are transferred into a live well and six are cut into small strips.

A crude, wooden ladle is dipped into a bucket of Glass Minnows and tossed overboard. Size one short shank bronze hooks are tied directly to 12 pound test red monofilament. The hooks are concealed in the strips of bait, a piece of lead split shot is attached to the line and the line is played out behind the boat while the real is in free–spool.

All the elements are in place: the wind, the current, the lighting conditions and the presentation of the bait. If all these variables mesh, a flag size Yellowtail Snapper will end up pounding the sides of the fish–ePub and eventually find its way to the table.


The cover image has been designed and constructed. The story has been drafted numerous times and painstakingly edited and proofread until the final revision. The text elements have been converted into hypertext markup language and an ePub file has been generated. The ePub file is validated and converted to a mobi file. The mobi file has been uploaded to Kindle Direct Publishing.


When I was younger I was an avid fisherman. Now, I’m older and I lack a certain amount of physical strength and energy. Economic conditions have made the ownership of a boat impractical.

I’ve just started taking advantage of the Kindle DIrect Select promotions. I offered a free promo on a Science Fiction piece and a Family Life piece. The Science Fiction genre brought in 70 downloads for the two-day period and the Family Life genre brought in 12.

I’m writing books and offering them for free. One day someone will purchase and submit a review. Sales initiate reviews and reviews initiate sales. The process reminds of fishing; however it’s on a much less physically demanding scale. I suppose fishing is in my blood.

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