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A blog related to the concept of the aspect of wu wei in relation to my own personal writing experience.


The concept of wu wei in Taoism if literally translated would be “non–action” or “non–doing”. All things in nature exist in harmony and behave in a completely natural and uncontrived way. As planetary bodies follow definite orbits the planets do this orbiting without any awareness of the orbiting being done, so, in that respect, the planetary bodies are doing this without doing this. A tree grows, it doesn’t have to try to grow. To achieve this natural state and not have to rely on an inner voice saying “now is the time to do this” would be the ultimate attainment of the philosophy of the Tao.

What if?

These concepts always seems to ignite a creative spark in my subconscious; the initial thoughts that sprang forth concerned writing. What if I could summon the words without really trying. The story would write itself and I would just pretend to type like a musician at an old-time player piano.

The reality of to for me is that the words don’t flow like a river of thought from my super enlightened mind; more like a drops of blood that are being squeezed from the nearly used up sponge that is my brain.

The intelligent pencil

When I was a young man I imagined that I owned pens and pencils that contained vast amounts of knowledge: some writing instruments held mathematical knowledge, some held scientific knowledge and some held unlimited amounts of literature waiting to be written. I just held onto the pen or pencil and it would guide itself along the paper.


The super powered writing instruments are an unattainable fantasy and the concept of writing by not writing is totally impractical. The concept of reinforcing the fact that I am a writer until it is second nature is feasible.

I write, therefore I exist.

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