Image Construction

Image of Industrial Machine


This is a workflow chronicle that defines the techniques involved in the restoration and enhancement of a scanned 8 X 10 photographic print that has been exposed to sunlight for 20 years.



Draw masks

Define individual elements of image by drawing precise vector paths. Edit points and tangent arm extensions to establish accuracy.

Image bc-path
Path of Buoyancy Compensator
Image of lobster vector path
Path of Spiny Lobster

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Define color palette

Analyze colors of individual elements, locate similar images and sample colors to be used in reproduction process.

Image of colored whistle
Color applied

Image desaturated, duplicated, masked, RGB curves set against new swatch as reference and Vibrance and Saturation set.

Image edited for color
Initial color replacement

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Adjust and redefine color palette

Examine color channel preparation to determine adjustment method. Use RGB curves Adjustment Layers to reconstruct color. Combine this method with color adjustment for reconstruction process.

Image of color replacement near completion
75% color replacement

Foreground figure masked and color palette set and adjusted to individual masks. Boat elements masked and colorized. Water, beach, buildings and sky masked and colorized. The next step in the process is to draw and colorize detailed mask of lobster.

Image of full color replacement
100% color replacement

Image Enhancement

Begin image enhancement process by colorizing lobster—adding background elements–nuclear power plant cooling towers—extend and cap tall buildings—place daytime moon in sky.

Image of background elements

Background elements added to image.

Image of midground elements

Migdround elements added to image.

Final image

Lobster scaled and background plate cleaned up by cloning. Lobster distorted by Liquify tool, applied to ends of legs, tail and carapice. Glow effect added.

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