The Great Pro-Life Star

Image of Pro-Life Star


I was reading the Facebook News Feed and I noticed and article on the network that caught my attention: it concerned a petition to the US government to build a Death Star and the humorous, yet, completely serious response from the government—they declined the petition on the grounds that it would be too costly to construct a ship that could be easily destroyed by a single attacking ship–like in the original movie.

This article led to a concept for a science fiction short story based on an event like that.

The Project

In the main office of the Anti Alien Insemination League—an extreme right-wing religious organization dedicated to the prevention of Aliens visiting Earth, abducting women, implanting Alien sperm in their wombs and releasing them back into the mainstream population. According to the doctrine of AAIL, the Aliens would make sure that the women they chose to abduct where all pro-life. The chances of the Alien spawn being aborted would be reduced; increasing the chances of success of the Alien’s diabolical plan of world domination.

The founder and chairmen of the board of AAIL is attending a video conference with a group of engineers and they are discussing a concept drawing of a large, spherical shaped object.

“So…, this is it,” Earl Gray, officially ordained internet minister and founder of AAIL says, “it looks like big golf ball…, it’s got dimples all over it,” he adds.

“Yes…, exactly,” replies Betty Crockett, the CEO of Space Erections, Inc., “the dimples are doors that open to reveal laser cannons that can be trained in a 360 degree pattern,” she adds.

“Hmm…, that should provide adequate protection,” Earl Gray says as he strokes his beard and nods his head.

“You bet, Earl, just like an enormous cosmic condom,” Betty says.

“We can we start construction?” Earl asks.

Betty replies, “Once you give us an initial down payment of one billion dollars, we can draw up the plans. After approval of the blueprints and another payment of 449 billion dollars, we can begin construction.”

“Consider it done, Betty. I’ll have the money transferred into the SE account by the end of business today.”

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