Image for DreamcontrolIntroduction

Concept for science fiction short story about controlling real events by utilizing a technique of controlling events in dreams.

The Long Dock

I’m standing on a dock that I’ve been walking on for such a long time I’ve can’t remember where I came from or where I’m going. The dock stretches and winds infinitely into the horizon as far I can see ahead or behind. I strain my eyes and turn my head in both directions until a light-headed feeling forces me to look down at the planks of the wooden dock and continue walking forward.

The queasiness subsides as I concentrate on placing one foot after the other on the evenly spaced planks. As I feel better I increase the length of the steps I take until I’m covering what seems like a yard on each stride.

Suddenly, the spaces between the planks increase as my pace increases. I can clearly see the surface of the water through the wide spaces between the planks and the vertical piers that support the planks of the dock are growing out of the water. I see the waves far below me as I try to land on a solid piece of plank.

I can’t take anymore. I force myself to stop, fall to my knees, close my eyes, hold my head in my hands and shake uncontrollably.

The Air Ferry

For some reason the sound of a helicopter approaching forces me to open my eyes. The wooden planks of the dock have been replaced with solid concrete. I’m standing at a ticket booth in front of a steel tower. A spiral staircase runs through the center of the tower and the top of the tower is a wide platform with no railing.

“Would you like to buy a ticket?” the woman in the ticket booth asks.

“Ticket for what?” I ask back.

“The air ferry, sir,” she says as she glances up the length of the tower and over to the approaching helicopter, “other people are waiting in line…,” she adds.

I look back and see a long line of people behind me. I look at the helicopter and I can clearly see a large steel cage suspended beneath it and it is filled to capacity with people.

“No thanks,” I say as step out of line and walk to my motel room on the beach.

The Sand Castle

I’m sitting back in a lounge chair on the patio of my motel room and looking out at the beach. It is narrow and has a large sand dune built up at the shore.

A huge sandcastle sits in front of an opening in the sand dune; people use the opening as an entrance to the water and they stop to admire the ramparts and walls of the sandcastle.

A shadow falls over the beach and I look up to see a mountainous wave building in the distance. It continues to rise for thousands of feet until it begins to break.

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