The Blue Hole Cryptogram

Image of Concept Art
Concept Art for Cover Image


The following post is a concept for a story that was inspired by some old photographs and traditional adventure yarns.

The Big Bug

The divers descended into the crystal clear waters of the south Atlantic Ocean in an area that was about 25 miles from Cay Sal—a small island that was halfway between Key West, Florida and Havana, Cuba.

The 32 foot craft that had brought them across the Straits of Florida was anchored on the shallow edge of one of the blue holes of the Cay Sal Bank. The blue holes were deep limestone caverns; the limestone roofs of these caverns have collapsed over the centuries—forming vertical shafts that plunged thousands of feet beneath the surface. Clusters of tightly packed coral reefs encompassed the perimeter of the blue holes.

The divers reached the sand covered sea floor at the edge of the blue hole and proceeded to swim in a perpendicular position to the bottom.

As the divers neared the edge of the blue hole one of them noticed a pair of antennae protruding from the underside of a coral encrusted rock.

The diver held his breath, lowered his arms and swam in the direction of the rock that was covering the antennae. When the diver reached the rock he reached out and thrust both hands as far he could reach under the rock. The diver had managed get a firm hold on the spiny lobster before it could propel itself deep into the crevices of the reef.

The diver began to pull the lobster forward in in effort to extract the body from under the coral ledge; the lobster didn’t move an inch and it struggled to remove itself from the diver’s grasp. The diver, determined to bag the lobster, summoned all his strength and slowly pulled the lobster from under the ledge.

The other diver had turned to signal his partner and synchronize watches for the deep descent into the blue hole. He saw his partner holding a three foot spiny lobster and he gave him the OK sign.

The diver who’d bagged the lobster tapped his chest with his thumb and rotated it vertically to indicate that he was going to surface.

Both divers returned to the surface and tossed the lobster into a live bait well at that was built into the transom of the boat.

“Nice bug, man!”

“It is a beauty,” replied the diver who’d bagged the lobster.

The Sunken Aircraft

The divers made another descent, reached the bottom and began to navigate the coral heads that lined the edge of the blue hole. As they began to descend into the blue hole they noticed a shadowy figure in the depths. As the divers descended deeper the details of the shadowy figure became more pronounced—it was a single engine aircraft that was perched on a ledge on the face of the wall of the blue hole.

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