Forward motion

Image of Tunnel

Into the fog

I recently submitted a short story to Kindle Direct and Smashwords. I’d spent most of the day doing the final proofread and copy edit. I compiled the manuscript as plain text, double checked it against the master, copied and pasted the text into a pre-formatted Word document, applied the formatting to the text and submitted the required documents. This process kept me up most of the night.

The next morning I made a trip to the local supermarket to purchase a few items for breakfast. I’d parked under a tree and when I returned to the car a squadron of blackbirds had used my car for target practice. I could hear the sound of bird droppings hitting the roof of the car as I pulled out of the parking space.

As I was in the middle of washing the car it began to rain—I was soaked.

Later that day I was making supper and I noticed a slight soreness in my throat that escalated into a full blown head cold that lasted all week.

Out of the fog

I’m over the cold and I’ve nailed down a publishing system—my manuscripts were accepted on the first submission. I’m starting the process of building my second short story entitled—A Day in the Life of Andrew—a comedy–drama that is a fictionalized account of events leading up to the landfall and the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew.

Image of Cover Art

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