Through the lens


This is a post from a blog I was building to coincide with with a novel that I was writing. I postponed the project to concentrate on writing short stories to build a body of work that would lead into a novel.

Image of Wide-Angle Lens

—Wide Angle View—

The writing process for me is similar to photography. The early rough outline stages seem to be shot through a wide–angle lens—thoughts and ideas that form an image that is distorted and broad. This could be referred to as the 18 mm level. The overall plot and what might be needed is inserted into the sections at a fast pace.

Image of Portrait Lens

—Portrait View—

As the story progresses the image becomes more focused and the perspective corrects itself. The portrait lens narrows in and sets the edges of the image to 90 degree angles. The characters and plot require more attention and the story is at the polishing stage. The lines must be reread and edit decision adjustments put into place without breaking the flow of the story line. Characters and events must be described in a way that is essential to to thread of the story.

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