Kindle publishing update

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Update to post production process related to Kindle Direct publishing.

Revising the Kindle Direct submission

The submitted files have been approved and will be available at the store in three–four days. Apparently the .xml file that controls navigation in an .epub file is not mandatory in the .mobi format. Many independent authors and small publishing companies ignore this; however, exclusion of this file is not compliant with the .epub standard and the icon that enables this feature on the various Kindle devices will be disabled.

The strategy for publishing to Kindle Direct:

  • Save Smashwords formatted Word document as Apache Open Office type document
  • Open newly save document in Calibre—powerful, open source e-book manager and converter
  • Convert document to .epub
  • Open newly created .epub in Sigil—multiplatform .epub generator and editor
  • Adjust navigation and content files in Sigil
  • Save and validate .epub
  • Run .epub through Kindle Gen command line tool
  • Submit resulting .mobi to Kindle

That should take care of all submission issues. At least until the next change in specifications.

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