Central hub

Graphic of stylized hub

Against the wind

Today I was looking at the canal behind house my through the sliding glass door that leads to the back patio. The wind was blowing steadily from a westerly direction forming small white caps on the surface.

A few moments passed and a small boat carrying two young men came into view. They both had their backs to the wind and were rowing into the breeze.

Apparently; they weren’t aware of the return with the wind behind your back rule or they were just unlucky enough to be caught in a dramatic wind direction reversal—a common occurrence in the state of Florida.

Wrestling with the story

I haven’t been posting any blogs lately because I’ve been concentrating on completion of the first in a series of short stories to be published to the Smashwords platform. The writing has been proceeding at a slow pace. I don’t want to try to make excuses; but, the initial draft was like an anorexic skeleton and it’s been difficult to pull the plot and storyline together.

The story started out with a word count of just over 1,000 and it has grown to well over 5,000. I found the size of the manuscript to be cumbersome for one file. I needed to find a way to control the different components of the story from a centralized location.

I researched Scrivener—a text editor designed especially for writing long form material. It has organization and compilation tools that provide a non linear writing platform. Because of its project based format; I’m able to keep all assets that are related to the short story collection in one bundle.

Behind the eight ball

Failure to contribute to the blog on a regular basis has put me at a disadvantage. Blogging seemed to cut into actual writing time and I was differentiating between the two mediums. I think WordPress is a great tool; however, I found the text entry interface a bit awkward and I have a tendency to fiddle around with the inline styles in the html editor.

Scrivener supports Multimarkdown; a format that converts simple punctuation into valid html. This is perfect for compiling clean html that can be copied and pasted into the html editor of WordPress. This document was written and compiled from Scrivener using Multimarkdown .

I plan to contribute to the blog on a regular basis.

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