Elements of story

Image of flame

The pulp fiction dream

Most of the time when I have dreams that are vivid enough for me to remember they are related to fishing; however, recently I had a dream that didn’t involve landing a smoker king fish or flag size yellow tail snapper.

This dream was as photorealistic as it was bizarre. It took place in a large house and for some reason I went out of the back door to look for something in a work shed that was in the big backyard. For a reason that was only apparent to my subconscious I was unable to find the unknown thing I was looking for.

I left the shed and was returning to the house when I noticed that a telephone pole in the corner of the backyard had sprung a leak of water under high pressure. I decided to open the gate in the chain link fence and walk across the vacant lot behind the house and report the leak to the utilities company.

As I was walking across I heard the sound of maniacal laughter from behind me. I turned and saw my next door neighbor from a town I lived in over 10 years ago. He found the situation to be very amusing.

The pressure increased and a circular split cut a ring around the pole. I stepped back a few feet. Within seconds the pole disintegrated and slid into a hole that had formed on the ground.

The hole began to emit a stream of gaseous bubbles that increased in velocity every second and eventually a gurgling geyser formed. My neighbor laughed uncontrollably at this and held his sides. I walked backwards continuously in order to put distance between myself and the gusher.

The stream ignited into an orange fireball, engulfing my neighbor in flames and setting the house on fire instantly. The laughter turned to screams. At this point I woke from the dream.

For some time afterwards I could recall the curiosity I felt at seeing the leaking telephone pole. The curiosity quickly gave way to apprehension as the leak widened and the water sprayed in all directions. Apprehension was replaced with fear when the pole disappeared. I was terrified when the geyser burst into flames and deeply relieved when I woke up to find myself in bed.

Conveying those emotional elements and invoking a response from a reader is the main objective in the authoring process of the first book in the series.

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